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Why Biden picked Powell

In the end, President Joe Biden did what many close to him expected: He took a longer-than-anticipated amount of time to arrive at a reasonable, moderate decision that thrilled few but carried limited risk.

As France Honors Black Artist Josephine Baker, Far-Right Pundit Éric Zemmour Launches Presidential Bid

On the same day France celebrated the induction of American-born singer and civil rights activist Josephine Baker into the Pantheon, far-right xenophobic writer and pundit Éric Zemmour announced he will run for president of France in the upcoming April 2022 election. Many have pointed out the contradiction in these opposing events, even in President Emmanuel Macron’s speech that painted Baker as a model of colorblind unity, when in reality she was outspoken about racial justice.

Earth Matters: Manchin helped kill reform of 1872 mining law that harms people and costs billions

Manchin wreckEd latest move to reform 150-YEAR-OLD MINING LAW 

Sen. Joe Manchin III has got a lot of reasons for that smile.

In the last year of his first term as president, Ulysses S. Grant signed the 1872 Mining Law that set modest rules for individuals and corporations to stake mineral claims on land never before in private hands. That is, land snatched at gunpoint from Indigenous peoples.

Omicron is popping up everywhere, but the big problem in the U.S. remains the delta variant

Over the last few days, the COVID-19 news has been dominated by concern over the omicron variant. Scientists are worried by the number of changes to the virus, including changes to the critical spike protein. Health officials around the world are nervous because a majority of the planet is still surfing the delta wave, and the idea of something worse coming along at this moment is genuinely terrifying.

Black parents see a problem with how race is taught in schools, but it’s not CRT

The whole “critical race theory” uproar is really about stripping schools of any teaching about racism or the contributions of Black people and other people of color to U.S. history, rolling back any tenuous progress made at teaching those important subjects in recent years. And, go figure, Black parents are noticing and taking issue with that—but, of course, their voices are getting much less amplification.

Enes Kanter Freedom Is Letting Himself Be Used

The NBA player Enes Freedom is showing the danger of attracting the wrong kind of supporters.Formerly Enes Kanter, the 29-year-old Boston Celtics center took a new surname when he became an American citizen on Monday.

Adele’s 30 and the Year of the Breakup Album

For most everyone, 2021 has been a long and lonely year. Pop stars, it seems, are no exception. Although music about heartbreak has been around for as long as there’s been music, this past year’s charts have looked particularly lovelorn.Pop music has been a months-long opera of celebrity splits. We went from Olivia Rodrigo’s world-conquering “Drivers License” in January to Adele’s new album, 30, which she’s said is about “divorce, babe, divorce.

Joe Biden’s Year Was Ruined. Whose Fault Is That?

Sign up for Derek’s newsletter here.Imagine it’s November 2020, and I offer you the following vision of Joe Biden’s first year in office:Stocks will soar. Consumer-spending growth will set land-speed records, and the president will oversee the best labor market of this young century. Coming off a flash-freeze recession, the U.S. unemployment rate will dip under 5 percent, lower than it was in every month of 2016. Blessedly, pay is rising fastest for low-wage workers.

Office Holiday Parties Really Might Never Be the Same

For companies with the cash to go all out on a holiday party, the ideal spot might look something like Freehold. The industrial-chic venue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, is equipped with everything an urban Millennial could want: It has a coffee shop, a lounge, a courtyard with twinkly lights, and a Ping-Pong table. The last holiday party I went to in the Before Times was there.

Comics Made Them Friends. Their Friendship Made Great Comics.

Each installment of “The Friendship Files” features a conversation between The Atlantic’s Julie Beck and two or more friends, exploring the history and significance of their relationship.This week she talks with three artists and one writer, who all work on titles for DC Comics, about their collaboration on the page and their friendship off of it.

Haitian Asylum Seekers Held Under Del Rio Bridge Now Face Inhumane Conditions in New Mexico ICE Jail

The world was shocked by images of Haitians whipped by U.S. Border Patrol agents on horseback as they sought refuge. Thousands were soon deported, but dozens are now detained in an ICE jail in New Mexico where they face inhumane conditions and lack access to legal services. We speak with a lawyer who describes medical neglect, deteriorating mental and physical health, and poor treatment by the staff.

From Abortion Bans to Anti-Trans Laws, a Christian Legal Army is Waging War on America

As the Supreme Court looks poised to uphold Mississippi’s 15-week abortion ban and possibly overturn Roe v. Wade, we speak to The Nation’s Amy Littlefield about her investigation into the Christian legal army behind the Mississippi law as well as anti-trans laws across the country. She also critiques the mainstream pro-choice movement’s failure to center the poor and people of color.