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The Atlantic Daily: Five Shows to Spice Up Your Weekend

Now that it’s December, you may be tempted to settle in and get cozy. That doesn’t mean your entertainment has to be bland.To help spice up this first weekend of the last month of the year, I asked our culture writer Shirley Li to pick a few spunky or nerve-wracking shows to stave off the winter slump. Happy watching.1. YellowjacketsThis new coming-of-age survival thriller is “sort of like Lost meets Lord of the Flies meets Jennifer’s Body,” Shirley tells me.

Enes Kanter Freedom Is Letting Himself Be Used

The NBA player Enes Freedom is showing the danger of attracting the wrong kind of supporters.Formerly Enes Kanter, the 29-year-old Boston Celtics center took a new surname when he became an American citizen on Monday.

Adele’s 30 and the Year of the Breakup Album

For most everyone, 2021 has been a long and lonely year. Pop stars, it seems, are no exception. Although music about heartbreak has been around for as long as there’s been music, this past year’s charts have looked particularly lovelorn.Pop music has been a months-long opera of celebrity splits. We went from Olivia Rodrigo’s world-conquering “Drivers License” in January to Adele’s new album, 30, which she’s said is about “divorce, babe, divorce.

Joe Biden’s Year Was Ruined. Whose Fault Is That?

Sign up for Derek’s newsletter here.Imagine it’s November 2020, and I offer you the following vision of Joe Biden’s first year in office:Stocks will soar. Consumer-spending growth will set land-speed records, and the president will oversee the best labor market of this young century. Coming off a flash-freeze recession, the U.S. unemployment rate will dip under 5 percent, lower than it was in every month of 2016. Blessedly, pay is rising fastest for low-wage workers.

Why Biden picked Powell

In the end, President Joe Biden did what many close to him expected: He took a longer-than-anticipated amount of time to arrive at a reasonable, moderate decision that thrilled few but carried limited risk.

Haitian Asylum Seekers Held Under Del Rio Bridge Now Face Inhumane Conditions in New Mexico ICE Jail

The world was shocked by images of Haitians whipped by U.S. Border Patrol agents on horseback as they sought refuge. Thousands were soon deported, but dozens are now detained in an ICE jail in New Mexico where they face inhumane conditions and lack access to legal services. We speak with a lawyer who describes medical neglect, deteriorating mental and physical health, and poor treatment by the staff.

From Abortion Bans to Anti-Trans Laws, a Christian Legal Army is Waging War on America

As the Supreme Court looks poised to uphold Mississippi’s 15-week abortion ban and possibly overturn Roe v. Wade, we speak to The Nation’s Amy Littlefield about her investigation into the Christian legal army behind the Mississippi law as well as anti-trans laws across the country. She also critiques the mainstream pro-choice movement’s failure to center the poor and people of color.

As France Honors Black Artist Josephine Baker, Far-Right Pundit Éric Zemmour Launches Presidential Bid

On the same day France celebrated the induction of American-born singer and civil rights activist Josephine Baker into the Pantheon, far-right xenophobic writer and pundit Éric Zemmour announced he will run for president of France in the upcoming April 2022 election. Many have pointed out the contradiction in these opposing events, even in President Emmanuel Macron’s speech that painted Baker as a model of colorblind unity, when in reality she was outspoken about racial justice.

Community Spotlight: Woo-hoo (and farewell)! Rescued stories now live on the front page

The technical experts who keep Daily Kos humming take a lot of flak from us, but they do listen to Community gripes, devise solutions, and then implement them. Tonight, let’s shout our gratitude and appreciation for their efforts, which often occur without much fanfare—though sometimes elfling issues an announcement about her team’s work, such as changes to the navigation bar and the return of a Front Page section for Community Spotlight.

Georgia election workers sue Gateway Pundit over false accusations of election fraud

When Infowars and Alex Jones were slapped with a default judgment for their years-long smearing of the Sandy Hook families in October, I believed that it would likely have the effect of putting them out of business. Now it looks like another deplorable agitprop shop may be the next to be potentially sued into oblivion: Gateway Pundit and its impresario, Jim Hoft.

Ready to resist and not sure where to start? Our new activism roundup is here for you

Daily Kos is an organization powered by people. Specifically, a community of activists and progressives who, for almost 20 years, have been working to advance progressive values. Our Activism department is an initiative to organize this community and affect policy conversations across the nation through strategic campaigns, coalition and relationship building, and political education.

Alec Baldwin denies pulling trigger of gun that killed Halyna Hutchins, says his career may be over

In an interview with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos that aired Thursday, actor Alec Baldwin said he’s speaking out to clear up what he calls “misconceptions” around the tragic and accidental shooting death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of Rust. He denied that he pulled the trigger, and therefore doesn’t believe he was “responsible” for her death. 

Baldwin was often teary during the interview.

Tucker Carlson Is Completing the Work That Trump Began

Earlier this week, Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson, the host of the top-rated news show on cable, rose in defense of the right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.“Jones is often mocked for his flamboyance,” Carlson said, “but the truth is he has been a far better guide to reality in recent years—in other words, a far better journalist—than, say, NBC News national-security correspondent Ken Dilanian or Margaret Brennan of CBS.