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As CIA Ramps Up Anti-China Actions, Why Doesn’t Congress Oppose Biden’s “New Cold War”?

We speak with Ethan Paul, a former reporter with the South China Morning Post in Hong Kong who is now with the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft. China’s military revealed last week that it had conducted beach landing and assault drills in the province across from Taiwan. This comes as the CIA has set up a new mission center focused solely on China. CIA Director William Burns has described China as “the most important geopolitical threat facing the United States.

Pediatrician Welcomes Imminent Approval of COVID Vaccine for Kids 5-11 Amid Opposition to Mask Mandates

The Biden administration is launching a national vaccination campaign for about 28 million children between the ages of 5 and 11. The vaccine will be two doses and one-third as potent as the one being given to people over the age of 12. An independent panel is set to offer a recommendation to the FDA that evaluates the safety and efficacy of the vaccines in late October. We’re joined by Dr.

Jen Psaki renders Peter Doocy momentarily speechless with a simple question

Peter Doocy isn’t just a Fox News disinformation peddler. He’s a hereditary Fox News disinformation peddler and, perhaps, the most pathetic failson being publicly promoted by the network. Tucker Carlson is dangerous. Junior Doocy can only try to be so dangerous, but he’s so bad at his job that mostly he just makes White House press secretary Jen Psaki look really, really good.

‘Not a cult at all’: The Daily Show’s Jordan Klepper heads to Iowa Trump rally so you don’t have to

The Daily Show’s Jordan Klepper has made a comedy name for himself for his field pieces, where he interacts with the illogical circus that is MAGA Americana. As far as comedy field pieces go, the MAGA crowd has always been like shooting fish in a barrel as there are so many lost, confused, and outright ridiculous folks to interview at any MAGA or MAGA-related event.

Earth Matters: Will Biden have clout at Glasgow summit? 900,000 U.S. solar workers needed by 2035


While the search continues to uncover just how small a fraction of the Biden administration’s proposed climate funding Sen. Joe Manchin III is willing to vote to include in the Democratic reconciliation bill, there is much wondering around the planet about what exactly the United States will bring to the COP26 climate summit that begins in Glasgow, Scotland, less than two weeks from now.

MAGA movement rebranded in Virginia ahead of elections

The Tea Party knew that it could develop leverage for their conservative goals by taking over school boards to further its agenda nationally by beginning at the local level. With groups like Fight for Schools, led by Ian Prior, a former senior official in Trump’s Department of Justice, the Loudoun County school board has been under similar attacks gaining national attention for their plight.

‘Releases, not transfers’: Advocates block New Jersey jail to demand immigrants’ freedom

New Jersey’s Hudson County is set to end its contract with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) by Nov. 1. But advocates tell that only five of the 45 immigrants recently detained at the county’s jail have been released. The remaining immigrants either remain detained, or have been transferred to other facilities. Transfers during a pandemic are particularly dangerous—a fact ICE knows perfectly well.

The Most Famous Low-Wage Workers in the Country

On September 14, Nabisco workers at a bakery in Portland, Oregon, who had been striking for more than a month to protest proposed contract changes were joined on the picket line by what might have seemed unlikely allies: players for the Portland Thorns, the city’s professional women’s soccer team.

“Second Chance”: Deported to Haiti, Immigrant Activist Jean Montrevil Returns to U.S. on Special Parole

In an exclusive interview, we speak with Jean Montrevil, an immigrant rights leader who was deported to Haiti in 2018. He returned home to New York and reunited with his family Monday on a special 90-day parole. He hopes to stay longer. Montrevil was a founding member of the New Sanctuary Coalition, which worked with Families for Freedom to engage churches in immigrant defense. ICE targeted him for his activism, using a decades-old conviction as pretext to deport him.

How Not to Be Your Own Worst Enemy

Listen and subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Stitcher | Google In the social-media age, we curate images of our lives on a screen—making it especially easy to translate images of perfection as the image of oneself. But the pressure to pretend we are perfect is exactly the thing holding us back from experiencing the happiness we seek—and limiting our ability to be our whole, authentic selves.

In Defense of Fakeness

Arguably, no mode of writing has influenced the past decade of novels more than autofiction, a catchall term for books that call themselves fiction while claiming to be rooted, in some way, in their authors’ real lives. Amid this boom, critics and readers alike have shown a certain anxiety over how based in fact a novel can be—and how anyone might know, given that no autofiction writer purports to be telling the complete, unadulterated truth.

Greg Abbott Fears Fox News More Than COVID

Governor Greg Abbott is afraid. Not of COVID-19, which is killing thousands of Texans, but of losing his primary.Last week, Abbott announced that he was banning COVID-vaccine mandates by “any entity” in Texas, a policy so absurd that you’d be forgiven for thinking, as the running joke on social media goes, that the coronavirus wrote the executive order itself.