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News Roundup: Trump planned for Jan. 6 crowd to march on Capitol; extremist leaders knew in advance

A new public hearing from the House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 coup attempt focused on Trump’s specific actions to assemble a “wild” crowd on that date, a crowd spurred to action by Trump’s knowingly false claims of a “stolen” election. New evidence indicated that violent extremists were expecting Trump to order them to march to the Capitol during the counting of electoral votes, which Trump then did. Trump also altered his planned Jan.

News Roundup: Republicans grapple with their own midterm choices; more trouble in Texas

As the midterm elections edge ever nearer, America waits for the answer to what may be an existential question: Is there any Republican candidate too embarrassing for the party’s voters to support? And as the Texas power grid struggles under the load of yet another record-busting heat wave, the state’s Republican governor is getting an earful over his constant immigrant-bashing stunts.

No, the Republican National Committee isn’t going to turn against Trump. He owns them

Politico has a piece that consists solely of various Republicans pretending to wonder whether the Republican National Committee (RNC), an organization that Donald Trump allies purged of his detractors so relentlessly that you’d have a better shot getting an anti-Trump quote out of Jared Kushner than from all remaining RNC leaders put together, will truly stay “neutral” if Trump runs for president again and some other Republican dares to also enter the race.

News Roundup: Not even Herschel Walker’s campaign staff trusts him; IRS targeted two Trump enemies

In the news today: Herschel Walker’s campaign for the Senate continues to flounder, and that his own campaign staff doesn’t believe he’s up to the job won’t help. It turns out that two of Donald Trump’s most prominent supposed “enemies” both were targeted with super-rare, supposedly random IRS audits, and the chances that Trump allies did not intentionally target them both appear to be low.

News Roundup: Sen. Lindsey Graham subpoenaed; still another mass shooting

Another holiday weekend is behind us, and with it another spate of mass shootings because that’s how America works now. A Georgia grand jury has now subpoenaed key allies of Donald Trump as part of an investigation into a potentially criminal effort by Trump and others to pressure state officials into altering vote totals on his behalf; one of those subpoenaed is Sen. Lindsey Graham, who made his own inquiries as to how vote totals might be changed.

News roundup: Supreme Court shreds administrative governance, sets sights on democracy itself

The Supreme Court continued to dismantle the very foundations of civil rights and government with a new ruling today claiming that government agencies cannot pass regulations touching on “major questions” if Congress has not written a law authorizing those specific regulations. What counts as a “major question?” Whatever six archconservative Supreme Court justices handpicked for their hostility toward regulations declare to be one, that’s what.

News Roundup: Supreme Court erases another right; new Jan. 6 hearing announced

The Supreme Court continued to roll back all the rights you thought you had with a new uniquely dishonest decision allowing your school’s sports coaches to promote their own personal religion (so long as it’s the right one) to your kids during team sports, and if your kid doesn’t comply and is retaliated against by the rest of the team then guess what: That’s exactly what the court majority intends.

News Roundup: A reactionary Supreme Court enshrines far-right extremism as law of the land

The Supreme Court gutted both American privacy rights and public safety with two brazenly far-right rulings last week. They’re not done yet; by this time next week, the court is likely to have erased the government’s ability to enforce environmental regulations using an equally bizarre far-right theory that could erase the federal government’s ability to write any regulations.

News Roundup: Supreme Court erases a century of gun laws; witnesses testify on Clark’s role in coup

In another ruling relying on historical errata of the 1600s to nullify laws passed centuries later, Supreme Court conservatives overturned a New York law that put limits on who can carry concealed handguns. The families of future mass murder victims can rest assured that their loved ones did not die in vain, but as a nod to the beliefs of 17th century witch hunters and English partisans concerned about the political dynamics after the Stuart Reformation.

News Roundup: Jan. 6 probe to add new public hearings; Republicans targeting parents of trans kids

The House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 coup attempt will be adding more public hearings to its schedule due to the continued revelation of new evidence; those hearings will be held “later in July,” says committee chair Bennie Thompson. In the meantime committee members are being provided with beefed-up security due to threats of violence by pro-coup Trump supporters.

News Roundup: Texas Republican Party platform calls Biden an illegitimate president

The Texas Republican Party held their state convention on Saturday, putting the finishing touches on a new party platform that rejects the legitimacy of President Joe Biden as president and demands the state hold a referendum on seceding from the nation. It also responds to the murder of 19 Texas grade schoolers by demanding the legislature be stripped from any power to regulate guns.

News Roundup: Eastman sought Trump pardon; committee will seek testimony from Ginni Thomas

It was a day of stunning developments in the House select committee hearings on the Jan. 6 coup attempt. A released email revealed that Trump lawyer John Eastman requested a presidential pardon after helping to spearhead the plan that would have had Vice President Mike Pence unilaterally throw out the electoral votes of several Biden-won states—a plan that witnesses told the committee was clearly criminal.

News Roundup: DeSantis is costing Florida a fortune; the Senate continues to Senate

Monday’s House select committee hearings on the Jan. 6. coup attempt raised new questions about just how much of Trump’s post-election fundraising was just a money-seeking grift, but his most likely Republican presidential competitor in 2024 won’t play second fiddle to anyone when it comes to making off with other people’s money: It turns out that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ various “culture war” laws are costing Florida taxpayers a fortune.

News Roundup: Senators announce tentative deal on gun violence; public hearings on Jan. 6 continue

A group of Democratic and Republican senators have reached a tentative deal on a bill that would deal with the nation’s rampant gun violence problem, but there are two problems remaining. The first is that many in that group are already well-known for “negotiating” compromises that they themselves later back out of; the second is that the proposals for curbing gun violence pointedly dodge doing anything about the actual guns.

News Roundup: Jan. 6 hearings (and another arrest); Republican House candidate praises Hitler

The House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 insurrection held its first public hearings tonight; see our guide to the players and our live coverage for what you might have missed.

Outside the Capitol, it’s been a hectic news day. A (Fox News-commenting) Republican House candidate in New York opined that Nazi leader Adolf Hitler is “the kind of leader we need today.

News Roundup: Proud Boys indicted for seditious conspiracy; Jan. 6 committee prepares for hearings

Five top members of the far-right group Proud Boys have now been indicted for seditious conspiracy as a result of their actions in the Jan. 6, 2021 insurrection; the charges indicate that prosecutors believe they can prove that at least some members of the violent crowd planned their actions as means of overthrowing the United States government.

This week will also see the first public hearings of the House select committee investigating the Jan.

News Roundup: Miami GOP embraces Jan. 6 seditionists; Biden wipes $5.8 billion of student debt

As the Biden administration ponders how aggressively it should confront the student loan crisis (which more accurately might be called the grifting college crisis), at least some students will be seeing full relief. The administration announced that the federal government will erase all of the nearly $6 billion in student debt incurred by those defrauded by the now-defunct Corinthian Colleges.

News Roundup: Lawmakers prepare to introduce (or block) new gun laws; DeSantis gets an actual army

After yet another mass murder in a public school, the race is on to do something, anything, to protect Americans from America’s gun-toting aspirational terrorists—and for Republicans, the challenge is how best to stonewall reforms until that urgency again dies down. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis continues to polish his credentials of “like Trump, but somehow worse” with a recruitment drive for a new Florida state paramilitary force.

News Roundup; Navarro subpoenaed by grand jury; Trump does a little dance for the gun crowd

The first funerals for children killed by a teenager wielding an AR-15 in Uvalde, Texas, took place Monday, but at last weekend’s annual convention of the National Rifle Association (NRA), the indifference was palpable. Donald Trump adviser Peter Navarro has now been subpoenaed by a grand jury after previously refusing to testify to Congress about his knowledge of the Jan.