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News Roundup: Texas death toll increases; gun violence apologists scurry to dodge blame

The death toll in the Uvalde, Texas, school shooting now stands at 19 elementary school children and two teachers, with at least 17 others injured. The state’s Republican leaders immediately launched into defenses that tried to push blame onto everything other than their own efforts to reduce even the flimsiest hurdles standing between Texas mass murderers and weapons of war. The National Rifle Association is still planning to hold its convention in Houston this weekend.

Cinemark theaters to host a propaganda film aimed at undermining U.S. democracy

Far-right conspiracy crank Dinesh D’Souza is back with yet another conspiracy theory to promote, and if you haven’t heard much about the Republican propagandist’s newest film, it’s because it is extremely, unfathomably stupid. 2000 Mules achieved a level of stupidity so stupid that D’Souza can’t even get Fox News to jump in with the usual publicity boost. It’s a train wreck.

News Roundup: Extremism in politics; support for Roe is steadfast; Wells Fargo remains terrible

Republicanism is rapidly merging with all manner of domestic extremism, and a new study paints a grim picture of just where things stand. As the Supreme Court’s new conservative wing sets its sights on unraveling federal abortion protections, support for abortion rights remains steadfast among Americans not pushed into lifetime judicial positions by Republican nihilists. Republicans continue to support lowering taxes on the wealthy while ratcheting taxes up for the non-wealthy, but Sen.

News Roundup: Justice asks for Jan. 6 transcripts; expanding the Supreme Court

In the news today: More movement in the probe of the Jan. 6 insurrection, with the Justice Department now asking for copies of what the House congressional committee has pried out of witnesses. Calls to expand the Supreme Court keep growing. Oh, and a professional anti-abortion activist told Congress under oath that our electrical grid was powered by burning fetuses. So yeah, it does seem like civilization is on its last legs here.

News Roundup: Primary night sees Republican seditionists do well, Republican tattletales not so much

Primary elections in multiple states have begun to shake out what the November elections will look like, and we now know for certain that Rep. Madison Cawthorn won’t be in Congress come next January. Republican voters handed him his own primary loss after he publicly asserted earlier this year that his fellow national Republicans were having drug orgies.

What Cawthorn was not booted for was his vocal support for the nullification of an American election.

News Roundup: Collins calls cops to report chalk; Senate takes unanimous action to protect not-you

The United States Senate leaped to unanimous action after the leak of Alito’s draft opinion erasing federal abortion rights. Not to protect those rights, mind you, or to do anything else to begin to repair a Supreme Court that has been so stacked with far-right ideologues that it no longer bears any resemblance to the social fabric of the nation itself; the Senate instead swiftly acted to allow Supreme Court justices to use court officers to protect their families as well.

News Roundup: Contraception rights may be next to go; single Ukrainian bridge now of dire importance

As state Republican elected officials waste no time in their efforts to kill off not just abortion rights, but even the right to use contraception, attempts by strategy-minded Republicans to get their party to temper such extremism for the sake of upcoming midterm elections aren’t going very far. Republicans know what they want: a rollback of the entire civil rights era. The leaked Alito draft opinion rejecting Roe v.

Supreme Court in disarray: New leaks reveal Roberts’ own preferred Roe reversal

There’s now another big leak from The United States Supreme Court, and this one’s being unapologetically linked to the court’s conservative wing. The Washington Post has a new story in which multiple sources describe how Chief Justice John Roberts was planning to further carve away at Roe v. Wade by giving the court’s approval to the Mississippi law banning abortions after 15 weeks, but wanted to dodge overturning Roe completely.

News Roundup: Louisiana bill will imprison women who obtain abortions; McCarthy as seditionist

With the leaked news that the Supreme Court has the votes to erase federal abortion rights, allowing states to push forward whatever new bans they might desire, Republican states are wasting no time in writing up even more extreme legislation. In Louisiana, that means a new bill criminalizing abortion and charging women who obtain abortions with murder. Republican senators continue the tradition of lying flat-out about their own declared policy stances.

News Roundup: The Republicans that killed Roe head for cover; Putin’s hollow army fails again

The now-telegraphed likely end of federal abortion rights in the United States continues to send the Republican politicians who have plotted that end for decades scurrying for cover; abortion rights remain overwhelmingly popular in this country, despite decades of demonization efforts by far-right theocrats, and the party must now turn its ample hoax-crafting powers on inventing reasons the public should not blame them for the very outcome that Senate Republicans and state lawmakers have

News Update: A Supreme Court leak signals the end of abortion rights in America

The Supreme Court leak of the draft opinion meant to erase abortion rights in this country rocked Washington, D.C., and the rest of the country, but for two different reasons. Most of the public strongly supports abortion rights and public fury is already rising as Americans learn of the planned decision and its Alito-written justification; most Republican lawmakers are in an absolute froth over the opinion being leaked before the Supreme Court revealed it publicly.

Ukraine update: Pelosi visits Kyiv; Putin adds to his war crimes

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi led a small congressional delegation to Ukraine on Saturday, the details of which were not publicized until she had again left the country. Pelosi, Rep. Adam Schiff and others met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy in yet another show of support towards Ukrainians currently fighting for their nation’s continued existence.

The situation on the ground remains as it was; few Russian gains, but continued Russian atrocities.

Great moments in the American presidency: ‘They were going to do fruit’

Your day probably hasn’t been weird enough, so let’s fix that right now with a quote from an ex-President of These United States.

“I wanted to have people be ready because we were put on alert that they were going to do fruit,” said Donald J. Trump, previously in charge of this nation’s nuclear arsenal.

Ukraine update: Russia captures small towns along frontlines, but no major breakthroughs

The “major” Russian offensive in eastern Ukraine continues, producing minor Russian territorial gains as a “senior U.S. defense official” warns that Russia is still continuing to add to its forces in the region. 42 towns were captured by Russia on Thursday, according to Ukrainian officials.

Despite that, Ukraine’s government sounds the most optimistic of the two.

Ukraine update: Experts keep waiting for Russia to show competence, but it still isn’t happening

With the ubiquity of smartphones, the on-the-ground details of Russia’s war against Ukraine have been more closely documented than any war. The footage is omnipresent, even allowing independent observers to make detailed catalogs of destroyed equipment. The movement of Russian troops is being tracked by satellite, as well as by pinging electronic devices they have stolen and taken with them. We can hear individual conversations between Russian soldiers and their families.

Ukraine update: Major Russian offensive now underway, even as Ukraine recaptures towns elsewhere

After a day filled with mostly rumor and confusion, we finally know a bit more about how the newest of Russia’s major offensives is unfolding. It is a major attack; it is not the sort of highly coordinated and overwhelming campaign that Russia still insists it could pull off but which outside experts now believe is beyond the nation’s command competence. But it is a major threat, and Russia has been able to take some new ground already.

Ukraine update: Zelenskyy says new Russian assaults in Donbas are now underway

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy today publicly announced that Russia’s long-expected Donbas offensive has now begun, with Russia boosting offensive operations throughout eastern Ukraine. What precisely that means is not yet clear; while Russian missile and artillery strikes have escalated in the past few days, the details on Russian ground assaults aren’t yet known.

Ukraine update: Zelenskyy says Ukraine won’t give up land; sanctions against Russia likely permanent

In a Kyiv interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy again vowed that Ukraine wouldn’t be negotiating away territory in exchange for a Russian end to the war. Zelenskyy dismissed the idea not out of bluster, but for a more fundamental reason: There’s no evidence that Russia would abide by any such agreement.

“I don’t trust the Russian military and Russian leadership.

Ukraine update: Russian flagship sinks; U.S. escalates weapon deliveries

Russia’s state-owned news agency has now confirmed that the Russian warship Moskva, the flagship of Russia’s Black Sea fleet, has sunk. The heavily damaged ship reportedly sank during an attempt to tow it back to port. Russia is being less forthcoming about the fate of the crew, thought to number over 500, the number claimed to have been successfully evacuated is far less.